About Us

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Who We Are

Cogentes is the best IT support company in Georgia.  Our personalized approach to IT cannot be matched- ask our customers, they will tell you!

What We Do

At Cogentes, we work to provide the latest products and technologies to our customers. Our expert IT technicians proactively monitor business’s systems, effectively identifying situations before they become serious problems. We constantly evaluate the latest trends, affording small business owners the technical edge they need for a competitive advantage.  Whether its saving time, money, or resources, Cogentes provides IT solutions to you at a cost lower than staffing and maintaining a dedicated IT department.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is also our motto: “Expert Support, Down Home Service.”  With our staff of highly trained technicians and business consultants, we will design solutions based on your businesses’ specific needs, affording you the benefits of the latest technology without all of the cost. And as your technology partner, you can expect the highest level of customer service available.  Each of our clients feel we are like one of their own employees, as we are as vested as they in making their business successful.  Our goal is to make your systems as cost effective and operationally effective as possible.

Our Solutions

At Cogentes, our belief is that technology decisions should be based on overall business goals and not a short-term fix strategy.  Our highly trained staff constantly evaluates new technologies and how they can be of service to our customers.  This technological edge allows us to design programs that gives your business a competitive advantage.

Cogentes has many years’ experience solving tough technology challenges.  Our consultants are highly skilled technicians, marketing consultants, and business leaders with diverse backgrounds.  We leverage their experience to provide a wide range of products and services to small and mid-sized businesses including: