Company Culture

At Cogentes, ours is a culture of Community Involvement. We encourage our employees to participate in various leadership roles, ranging from stewardship of board seats in local organizations, to 2015 OCR teamsupporting improvement of our schools, and volunteerism for charitable functions. Some examples of our involvement are: the Milledgeville- Baldwin Chamber of Commerce; the Bicycling Club of Milledgeville, Cafe Central Soup Kitchen, the Oconee River Greenway Foundation, Live Healthy Baldwin, Keep Milledgeville-Baldwin Beautiful, Georgia Cancer Support, Partners in Education, Brentwood School, and The Milledgeville Film Festival. We donate volunteers, time, and services to non-profits, as well as work actively in sponsoring community events. We also support the Work Ready initiative in our area by maintaining a staff of student interns for career shadowing and on-the-job training. In short, Cogentes and its team members are committed to giving back to and supporting improvement within our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for each of our clients to be able to focus 100% of their energy on growing their business unencumbered by technical issues. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world class customer service and technical support while making every client feel as if they are our only customer.

Our Values

The eight values found in the Cogentes Philosophy are the building blocks of our organization’s excellence. These nine values are the key elements to our success and help guide us to excellence in our decision making:

Customer Intimacy – We strive to earn the role of trusted advisors to our clients; their success defines our success;

Business Focus – We maintain focus on delivering business value and help our clients achieve their business goals, not just delivery of a technology solution;

Core Competency Leadership – We develop and maintain industry recognized leaders in our areas of domain expertise, offering that expertise in services to our clients;

Practice what we preach – We run our own business according to best practices for securing our systems and protecting our client data;

Pragmatism – We choose practical application and delivery of business value over academic purity;

Simplicity – When faced with competing choices, we give substantial weight to the simpler option;

Candor – We are prepared to challenge conventional wisdom and offer honest opinions;

Trustworthiness – We treat employees and clients with integrity, honesty and respect.