Announcing Cogentes Bike Challenge 2014

In support of National Bike Month, the National Bike Challenge, and Cogentes being one of a select few Bicycle Friendly businesses in Georgia, Cogentes President Tom Glover created a 2014 Cogentes Bike Challenge to get all employees outside and on their bikes this summer.  The Cogentes challenge consists of 2 parts, one covering the period of the National Bike Challenge (May- September) and the other continuing on to the end of the year.  A variety of incentives are offered as prizes for each leg of the contest, ranging from an Asus Transformer Book Windows 8.1 tablet computer for the most miles logged during Challenge 1, to a paid day off per every 250 miles logged during Challenge 2.  There is also a $500 American Express gift card reward for the employee riding the most miles at the end of the competition!  Many great reward opportunities at stake, the greatest of all being a healthier workforce!

Kicking off the Cogentes Bike Challenge is an all-new Bike with the Boss lunch event.  Each week, all employees are invited to enjoy a leisurely group ride with Tom, ending at the lunch destination of choice, all courtesy of Cogentes.  The  idea behind this ride is to increase commuter awareness, as well as promote team fitness and synergy.

5_22_2014 fb scrn shot